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Silicone Makeup Sponge - Leaf


STOP WASTING YOUR MAKEUP: It’s a fact- most makeup artists have agreed that almost half of our makeup stays on our hands or sponges. With our amazing beauty tool, you’ll never lose a drop of your favorite makeup or concealing cream again. Thanks to its non-porous and non- hairy design, it doesn’t absorb any makeup at all!

FOR FLAWLESS SKIN: Ditch your old sponges and brushes- substitute them with this top-notch product! Apply your makeup foundation like a pro- get an absolutely natural and even result with just one move. Put a small amount of makeup on your face and then spread it in circular moves- you’ll be amazed by the final result!

TREATS YOUR SKIN WITH CARE: If you have sensitive skin or you are suffering from skin conditions like acne or eczema, then this product is going to rock your world. Thanks to its anti-bacterial and risk-free construction, it will protect your skin while applying makeup. You can find thousands of bacteria inside hairy brushes- substitute them with our clean surfaced silicone sponge now!

EASY TO CLEAN: Forget about buying specially designed shampoos for cleaning your brushes. Silicone sponges need just a little water and soap in order to be cleaned. Use this product again & again for the years to come- it dries up easily, so as to reuse it right after cleaning!

DO IT LIKE A PRO: If you have a passion for beauty products, then this is a must-have for your collection. Not only is it useful for makeup blending, but it’s also ideal for highlighter, concealer, bronzer and blush application. A versatile product you absolutely need to give a try!


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